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About Smokey J Bakery & Cafe

Ceremonial grade matcha tea is the finest of the matcha tea which produces a delicate and rich green tea flavor. The ceremonial matcha is made from the youngest tea leaves, so it has pure, green and bright color texture. what does it smells like? It smells fresh and grassy . What does it taste like? Ceremonial matcha has a natural sweetness and pure bitterness, that is why it is very healthy to drink. What flavors are good with ceremonial matcha? Since ceremonial matcha has bitter taste, so it is very difficult to drink it alone, so Smokey J. has found the way to make it smooth to drink. Regular milk and flavors such as sesame, coffee and hazelnut are added into the ceremonial matcha to give the best milk flavored matcha drinks.

How do we make the tiramisu cheese puff?

Cream is well whipped with our Japanese cheese, and little crème flavor is added into the foamy milk creating a rich flavor for the milk foam. Then we start to blend the rich milk foam with our Smokey J. 's coffee and chocolate. The bitterness of coffee and the sweetness of chocolate give the tiramisu cheese puff a perfect and enjoyable taste for our milk tea.  

Our Breads

Smokey J. Cafe is the best place that you can enjoy fresh breads every time in the day. The name Smokey symbolize the freshness of the breads when they just come out the oven. At Smokey J. Cafe, you can see our  bakers play with the dough and how our breads are baked. Our breads are baked with highest quality wheat flour, so our breads have good smell and richest taste. Our bread series include: butter breads, milk breads and tea breads, and each of bread has one of the kind and unique taste itself. 

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